sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Pyjamas in Beirut

It is freezing in Lebanon. Like no kidding. Like gloves, scarve, hat, wool coat, warm socks, boots freezing cold. Like my house is not insulated and I can really feel it (anjad!) cold.

Therefore, part of my very mundane activities this week was pyjamas shopping. Hey, the old T-shirt old leggings combo won't cut it in this weather.  I need something really warm so I do not feel like dying every morning when I get out of bed.

I did not plan to make of this activity anything, let alone blogging material. My plan was to leave work, swing by the mall, spend 30 minutes max in the pyjama store,  go home. One hour and a half and 5 stores later, I left the mall empty handed. Confused. And exhausted.

It seems like I fall into a non-existent category of pyjama wearers in Beirut.
  • I do not (and will not) wear Disney pyjamas (who does?). Furthermore, I firmly believe that anyone older than 13 should NOT be allowed to wear ANY Disney piece of clothing. Not even Pyjamas.
  • I do not wear lace or satin to bed. Call me boring, but that stuff is NOT comfortable.  Seriously, do we have to care about fashion even when we are sleeping?
  • By the same token, name brands, glitter and studs have no place in a Pyjama's top. The people who design those clearly didn't wear them to bed.
  • I do not wear dresses to bed. I know you call them night gowns. It doesn't matter. That's a dress. And if you ever were unlucky enough to have your grandma give you one for your birthday and had to wear it, and cursed every morning when you had it all curled up around your neck, you know what I am talking about.
  • I do not like pastel colors. Sorry. Pastels are lame. Especially lilac. Now, buying a head to toe lilac outfit, with a feminine touch of satin on the sleeves? No, thanks.
  • I do not wear animal print to bed. Or inspirational quotes. And I don't drink coffee. So coffee mugs printed on my pyjamas are not relevant to me.

You might tell me that I am too demanding, or too peculiar with my tastes. But I was only looking for a cotton, long-sleeve top and a pair of cotton pants!

Apparently simple is now what's hard to find. Or maybe I am just not sophisticated enough for Beirut standards. Or maybe there was a new pyjamas memo that I never got.  

In the meantime, I am stuck with my one pair of old, mildly warm pyjamas to weather the cold nights in Beirut. Brrrrrrrrrr....

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  1. I am totally with you on the Disney clothing! Why would anybody wear that! There are plenty of pyjama wearers out there, you often see them on the balconies, or heading to the corner shop. Recently I saw one strolling around the park. But they seem to get their garb from those small and slightly intimidating neighbourhood shops with the mega briefs in the window. Do you like turquoise velvet?

  2. I do Disney PJS as well. But I'm pretty sure theres a La Senza in Beirut somewhere. Find it! They have cute PJs and hopefully the same stuff you might find elsewhere.

  3. Hey, te entiendo totalmente!
    Yo soy de Venezuela y cuando el clima aca llega a bajar los 15 grados es como si estuviera en el polo norte. Pero bueno, supongo que es por que estamos acostumbrados al clima tropical.